How I became an Ambivert

Let me start by saying I’m not the typical “I’ve always wanted to write”, growing up I barely read a book nor sat down for hours to write something. Childhood for me was playing outside; may it be playing basketball, soccer, climbing trees, or running around. Otherwise, I would be daydreaming of going out and be obsessing if I have the complete  set of Dragon Balls and Pokémon sticker, or if I had the most number of rubber bands (and plotting clever ways how to beat my friends in a game and win their rubber bands, yeah! Cheers ye all 90’s kid!). The point is, the best and most memorable experiences are the ones spent outdoor. The parental, more often than not, would drag me to bed for the afternoon nap before allowing me to play outside. I still have vivid memories of lying down in bed with Papa pretending to be asleep eager to go out while he snores clamorously. It’s also safe to say, I’m sporty. I’m not saying I’m good at it but yes, I did have a very inclined interest in sports. I still do actually – I still watch NBA (Go Heat! Chris Bosh FTW!), FIFA, FIBA and UAAP (Chris Tui was then my fave) if I have the time.  I played soccer and was part of the school’s team who fought other schools. Badminton was also a hobby, fought during intramurals. I trained to be runner and javelin thrower at some point. When I’m not rubbing my ass off with sports, I’m either hanging out at a friend’s house, playing xylophone for the drum and lyre chord, dancing and singing on the church or killing time on the beach at my Tita’s house.  I am the definition of an extrovert. Well, I think it helps that internet and social media was not invented yet (or if already invented, still in beta mode as we would say now-a-days) then in my early years.

Highschool was where I was slowly introduced to reading a novel. Before then, I don’t think I’ve finished reading a single book of any kind. One of my English teachers made us search for new vocabulary (Mondays) and write journal (Fridays) every week. The vocabulary thing was interesting but the journal was horrific. There was one time I misspelled “week” with “weak”. I couldn’t make eye contact with my teacher for a month. Errrrmeerghaaad! Embarrassing! Another, we were required to submit a movie and book review. And “I struggled” is an understatement. Watching a movie is like eating a popcorn (chicken! nakaupo ka lang) but putting into words what I think about it is torture. Reading a book, however, is a different story. Finding time to start reading is hard enough much less finish it. (a little confession, I wasn’t able to finish reading the book The Running Jury by John Grisham for my book review. I had to Google a summary of it. HAHAHA. Shhhhh Well, if you are a John Grisham fan and enjoys his use of legal terms and his unique way of writing and choosing words, I salute you! I must say, I am a work in progress.)

Oddly enough, I became a contributor writer for the English and Filipino school paper and later became one of the page editors. I have NOOOO freakin’ idea how it happened. It was time for me to take things seriously to leastwise be not an embarrassment. Impressing anyone would be stupid, I just wanted to be helpful. And since I was assigned to write sports news (thank God it’s sports, right? I least I have an idea how sports work), I volunteered covering on the field. I had the facts but had to read bunch of news articles to build an article that is at least worth glancing. I have to rewrite my article ten, twenty, thirty times and had to revise it a couple more times after being edited by our adviser. But it was all worth it when you finally see your name by the end of the article. Whoooooo! I have my byline! Eeeeeeee! It was so fulfilling that I kept the first draft of our page layout and three copies of the printed school paper.

I was also able to watch the 1959 version of “The Diary of Anne Frank” during one of the movie sessions from school – I may or may not have cried. Hihihihi *wink*. I got so touched and crooked I had dreamed of reading her diary. The historic compilation of Anne Frank’s diary “The Diary of a Young Girl” ended up the first novel I finished (and made me hooked up with reading and subsequently writing). In case you haven’t heard of Anne Frank – I hate you! Kidding. It’s time! Go Google her. Watch and fall in love with movie and maybe read the book. You’re welcome! Unsurprisingly, visiting the exact place where the Frank’s hid in Amsterdam is in my ultimate bucket list; I cannot picture myself if that happens. I would probably cry. HAHAHA. (P.S. Thank you John Green for including her in your book, “The Fault in our Stars”).

Though I’ve been reading novels (and quite obsessing about collecting books – but let’s not talk more into it, perhaps in another blog entry; not really the e-book kind), I haven’t abandon my love for outdoors. Playing sport is still in the picture and traveling is definitely an addiction. Yes, there are days I prefer staying in, probably locked up in my room cuddling my pillow. I consider these days the time-to-be-creative days, others call it “me time”, for the sake of this write-up let’s call it “introvert days”. Other times, I go out of the house just because I wanted to. One time, I impulsively went mountaineering. ALONE. I also dragged a couple of friends to the crazy mayhem. During these days that I wanted to do anything just to be out of the house. These are the days, ladies and gentlemen, is where I get to learn first-hand how to live. Experience is the best teacher, they say. And what better way to gain experience than to go out and travel. Having said that, I might write about my travels one of these days.

At the end of the day, it’s not important if you are an introvert or an extrovert. What’s important is you get to do what you love. If you like to stay indoors I bet you get to have more time for your passion, may it be art, literature or music. Same goes if you prefer outdoors. Or maybe both. From research I learned that it’s called “Ambivert” (If you want to know more about intro, extro and ambiversion, I suggest you read The Science Of People). The world is not always in black or white. It wouldn’t hurt to relish the gray areas. You can enjoy the best of both worlds as the old Miley Cyrus would sing.


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